A lonely land

sometimes it only takes a day full of feelings and a couple drinks to drag it out of you. no empty promises, no apologies, just me, and my feelings, out on display. needless to say, here is some poetry. i don’t care what you think. you never have an opinion anyway. read out loud for best results.


Do you know what it is,

to feel so utterly alone?

I do.

I know.

I have felt this so long.


Do you know what it is to see?

To be so wholly forlorn.

I have.

The painful longing.

A wish to not feel anymore.


I have lived with a burden.

An utterance.

I can no longer escape.


No words,

that can express.

The wish and need to convey.


I do not know what.

My heart dragged through the coals.

I do not know if.

My head grey.

Feet falling through the floor.


A hollow man.

A body full of sand.

A soul on the brink.

One leg,

less on which I can stand.


A time stretched,

further then I can.

A mind destine to sink.

With no home,

in which to land.





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