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Night through to day

Posted in Expression in poetry on 31/08/2011 by markcalles

it is always hard to know whats right and whether some choices even have a right answer. i think that i have always tried to be a logical person, but is there an extent to how practical logic can be? it seems that the further i have tried to push my logic the more estranged i have become from my own emotions, to the point that now they both just seem a bit flawed. do you go with your gut? do you sit and ponder and try to smooth out or change that feeling? it is hard to decided, but no one gains from leaving a decision dangling in the air. too long up there and it will just crash down by itself.

this is one such occasion. where whats good for all is hard to decide, and the fear of loss and pain starts to feel like a pressure from all directions, to the point where it is hard to think. to the point where you would rather not have to make a decision.

i need to clear my head. i hope this helps.


Fell asleep on a beach in sunlight

My body warmed by the rays

But sank into the sand at sunset

Where warmth could not penetrate


The cold moon my only ally

The sand tight around my chest

The oceans crash my only voice

The tide rising in my head


Where are the stars to guide me

Send a sign to show the way

A flame to warm me once again

To see this night through today


This day and night

Has no heavenly cause

Only a product of my own mind

Now to think and feel it true

In time, this time, its time