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In numerous

Posted in Expression in poetry on 17/04/2011 by markcalles

often i start a piece with a root idea or single line. in this case, it was the very first line. while i initially had different intentions for the line, the piece developed itself as an illustration of contradiction, and more philosophically, a picture of the duality of man. while the content tends to be specific, i think the ideas are very open to personal interpretation. the couplet stanzas all hold their own contradictions with different experiences throughout.

usually i will try to avoid assign a singular identity to the content when writing a more philosophical or conceptual piece, but i found that being able to distance the reader from the content made the contradictions more apparent. i hope you enjoy the piece and exploring the intricacies of the juxtapositions, the title being one of my favorites.



He never wrote a love note.

Not one was received in return.


Too often heard a kind word.

Not one of which was deserved.


Habitually taken by surprise.

By events that he saw coming.


Ordained by birth to be scorned.

For the folly of his cunning.


He would make fantastic boasts.

If only spoken softly to himself.


Knew every word ever written.

In books that had never left the shelf.


Impeccably wide of the mark.

His aim always held true.


An opinion tantamount to law.

If under scurrilous review.


His every feat an accolade.

Rife in un-accomplishment.


A significance thoughtfully misplaced.

Returned, but never leant.


His days were filled with joy.

With no comparison of sadness.


He was enlightened, to be true.

Restrained to never know his madness.


He could laugh the loudest symphony.

He could cry a somber song.


He could write their perfect harmony.

But never play or sing along.


The alpha to omegas

In numerous in re verse

A demise lived long ago

An execution in rebirth


New to come soon

Posted in General on 14/04/2011 by markcalles

so, for some odd and glorious reason this place has been getting a lot of hits lately. i dont know who you are that put me on stumbleupon but thank you. as of recent ive had a period of rest when it has come to my writing, but i have logged a lot of ideas in my to do list and am now ready to start chipping away at them. i promise new peices very shortly and have decided to include a bit of a personal comentary before the piece to give a bit of insight into my process and the ideas i am working with. i hope all of you that are visiting find something to enjoy and i would like to take this oppurtunity to invite any and all critiscm you have. please, lay it on me. if any of you need anything from me feel free to ask. see you all again soon.

Apology of a self critic.

Posted in General, Statements on 07/04/2011 by markcalles

So… the month has past, and for some it may have seemed a bit longer, especially if they had spent any amount of time with or around me. Therefore, in the practice of letting one thing end and others begin, I would like to offer my apology to any and all who had the dreadful task of putting up with me. Needles to say, I was at many times, simply put, a dick, and for this I am sorry. Some may know I was under a fair amount of stress, mostly self imposed due to my overly critical standpoint with myself, and coupled with my yearly detox, it may have gotten a bit overwhelming for some. Im sure I said some things that are not very becoming of my usual demeanor and also acted in a way that was sure to ostracize myself from some of you. My only hope is that any offended parties can forgive my foolish way of acting and recognize that this is not my usual self.

Some times I am quick to forget how out of my element I really am and how much others that expect little or nothing in return have given me. In comparisons, it is still a bit disorienting to be experiencing so many new things in a place that is still in many ways foreign.

I want to thank you all for making the past year a great and beautiful one, especially my friends and co-workers at the one and only Halifax. Without you guys there wouldn’t even be a reason to write anything like this. I especially would like to thank those who I work with in close relation and who have taken the time, on some occasions, to simple tell me to shut the hell up. To me, criticism is paramount, and I welcome every ounce that I receive, whether warranted or not. I would like to invite any and all of you to add to that whenever you see fit. Without it, my own personal growth would be a slow and arduous one.

So once again, I extend my sincerest apologies, and the biggest thanks that I can. I hope that this summer brings many more wonderful memories and that I can help make the time you spend with or around me an enriching one. Thank you.


Mark B L Calles