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Firm in consequence

Posted in Expression in poetry on 28/10/2010 by markcalles

Fell in love with a dream.

For a trick of the mind.

Felt like it would,

For the first and last time.


Now chasing a phantom,

a figment of conscious.

A need to fulfill,

a proof one exists.

Discovery of truth,

conceived to resist.

Lest not choke on feed lies,

to brave life,

firm in consequence.


To live.

To die.

To know.

What bliss.?


A thousand thirsts

Posted in Expression in poetry on 27/10/2010 by markcalles

A thousand nights,
of menacing  moons.
A thousand strands,
that lay roads to ruin.
A thousand thirsts,
in barren hearts loom.
A flood to quench,
in throes produced.

In wilted bloom

Posted in Expression in poetry on 27/10/2010 by markcalles

By any other name

still to smell as sweet.

The thorns warm welcome

holds too fair a warning.

A pleasurable sting,

ardent to repeat.

A wilt of petal,

worn indiscreet.

Half blind allure,

yearns to be seen,

and the scent of the flower,

causes one to bare loves teeth.

Caught in the bloom.

A midnights false keep.

An enchanting perfume.

A devious lull to sleep.

It will take its owed toll.

It will thrive though we weep.

For that which had sown,

shall now surely be reaped.