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Frend (yes, spelled correctly)

Posted in Expression in poetry on 27/09/2010 by markcalles

365 and one quarter
going the theory
a harmonics
built mechanically

can one be such
with a point in seeing
the judge of what
who articulates the meaning

so whos to say
not already he
if a part off all
or it, as may be

is that so
your judgment is mine
for all care
already know in mind

beknown amongst
as subjective as thought
when reason spells it
in that, the spelling is fraught

chaos the constant
be it but know one thing
a constant none the less
when one and only being


While the children sleep

Posted in Expression in poetry on 22/09/2010 by markcalles

A line of light

Creeping down my wall

And where it ends

There’s a crack along the floor


Through these lines

I can hear them down the hall

Muffled voices

Screaming in my skull


So even now

When I lay my head to sleep

I can see them

I can hear them in my dreams


This white noise

This reoccuring theme

The subtle voice

Of childhood memories

She is

Posted in Expression in poetry on 11/09/2010 by markcalles

She is a cherry tree

Full in ageless blossom

A gift to offer your own device in every branch of lissome


Fruits smooth and supple

Let her yield tempt

Least it take of you, so should you take of the flesh


She is a falling flower

Stricken from her perch

With which the wind made no promise of fame in turn of curse


Her perfume is robust

It lies on every breath

And weighs its siren anchors across already heavy breast