Me in you

Now, when you go,
you are quick to slip, quick to fade.
Yet, my mind is on a looping cycle,
and it is not I who keeps the pace.
Not why, but when I never know.
Quieter and closer coming each day.

Now, I know in time,
that memory is something we all escape.
But comfort never comes in ‘all paths end eventually’.
The only answers are in that which connects our states.
In what is not commonly realized,
that all come to. that all come from, the same place.

We knew you all along,
but it is you who chose the way.
To take different names,
To wear a different face.
You always remember,
when I’m too far gone.
When will you figure out.
it has always been.
the me in you, I miss the most.
It is the you in me, that never stays.


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