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A change in dispositon

Posted in Statements on 27/01/2010 by markcalles

To say it as plainly as possible, something is wrong. Everyday I come across someone, or something, that just doesn’t seem to make sense. It seems that we are all content to change what matters the least. We are all content to keep things going the way they have been. We buy shitty products, that negatively impact the world around us, that never work in the way that was promised, that are designed to fail, that we mostly just don’t need. We listen to news that isn’t real, opinions of people that are misleading, look to people to lead that are just as lost as we. We are manipulated by marketing and mass media, socialized and educated to believe these lies that the keep feeding us. We are kept demoralized, afraid, ignorant and indebted, and for what reason. It is for one thing only, it is for their, and because of our own, blind greed.

What most of us don’t seem to understand is that, we are all part of how the scheme works. It only continues to function because we let it, because we chose not to take action. To some it may seem unfair, some may think that this is not a problem they have created, and truthfully most are correct. It is not fair. I, am a 25 year old male, born and raised in California, to parents from different parts of the world. Most of my life, I lived seemingly unaware. Unaware of my surroundings, unaware of my impact, unaware of my conditioning and unaware of my exploitation by the people that were supposed to look out for me, the people that are supposed to care. I was raised as a cog of the system, I was raised to believe that this was how it is supposed to be, and not necessarily by my parents, but by society.

Mine is a generation raised by society. Raised by cartoons and commercials, morning and nightly news, soap operas, reality television, rock stars, rappers, pop stars and movie stars. All of which hold no accord for our well-being. We were raised by the marketing media and by those few who control it. Raised by an entity that has no morality and no humanity.

I did not create or want this, I do not benefit from its continued survival, so why do I suffer it. Why do we continue to live in a system that has so abandoned the 99%. Because, we are conditioned to. Because we were raised to believe that this is the only thing that works, or at least, what works the best. Because we are scared, of change, we are scared that it may not get better, scared that we will lose what little we have, when truthfully, we have nothing. We are so content to stay in the same place, to find some comfort in our little niche; we are content to just survive.

But now I have come alive, now I see with truth and clarity. Now I understand and can rise above my conditioning. I am no longer a slave to society as long as I choose not to be. Yes, I did not create this, but its survival depends upon my continual feeding. If I remove myself, if I step back and realize the impact I can create, if I realize I have the human capacity and luxury to change, then I can see the possibilities for something better.  Every person has the capacity, the opportunity and obligation to remove themselves from this flawed system. We have the chance now to fully understand that as individuals we make up a society and the society is truly what dictates the path that our lives follow, and that only as a society can we move forward. We need now to remove that power from the hands of the few so that the many can flourish, so that the many can experience that life is more then the things we have or the titles we claim, but it is a true connection with each other and the planet, and a thus a true connection with reality.

Reality is what you make it.


It’s been a long time coming.

Posted in General on 25/01/2010 by markcalles

Writing has always been a strong impulse in me. Sure, at times my work is confusing and cryptic and sloppy and nonsensical and few and far between, but it has always been there. It’s like a dog that never dies, never has to be feed, never gets lonely or moody and doesn’t shit on your carpet. Just one day, you untie it from out in the back yard and you’re back to playing fetch again. And most importantly, it is always happy to see me.

So, I’ve finally decided to take this impulse and to make something a little less haphazard, but I guess we’ll just have to see.

As some of you already know, recently I’ve moved myself half way around the globe from California to a small country called Denmark. I have been here 6 months and the transition has not been easy. True, being a Danish citizen has helped me out a lot. They’ve given me some money, set me up in a school to learn Danish, I’ve got medical insurance and can go to school for free. All of which I deeply appreciate, but it has been no picnic.

At the moment I’d like to think that things are going pretty well. I now have a job, an apartment and am going to school to learn Danish. I’m finally in a place where I feel like I’m being productive. And now that the dust has settled a bit I deemed it the perfect time to inform all the curious about exactly what it is I’m doing here, why I came, and what I hope to accomplish. So stay tuned. I hope this will last a long time and I’d love if you let me know if I ever stray too much. It’s going to be a lot of new, even if in the context of reflecting on the old, peppered with any wisdom I can drag out of my experience.

And so, thusly begins my expedition into wherever it is I’m heading.